Behind the Song with "A Little Love"

“A Little Love” was the very first song shared from Mach II, which was actually supposed to be released by Summer of 2019. Due to multiple setbacks, the album ended up on the docket for 2020-on a new label, no less! The one interesting thing about this song is that there was actually a pretty healthy debate as to which song the band should lead for the upcoming album release. We had the “anthem” and absolute fan family tribute in “Hearts On Fire” and the catchy “Dead Men” as the main competition. Ultimately, it was the lyrics of this song that had it making the cut. All too often, positivity is lost in hard rock music. One of the greatest things that I loved about bands like Triumph is that they had some amazing songs-songs with heartfelt lyrics that stayed with you. There are many times when we all feel down for the count, like there’s no way we can actually get up and keep fighting. This song is about that and about remaining positive. You can’t get anywhere in life without the fabled “positive mental outlook” but more importantly, you can’t take the imperative first step without self-respect and self-love. Those are the things that push us forward and again, those are qualities that inspire not only yourself but others to do great things.

The band, as always, presents itself with commanding performances and for the most part, this song remained true to its demo form. The variances come mainly in the guitar solo, oddly enough. I got a call from Ty Sims regarding the starting point for the bridge solo, which he felt was “off.” Changing that starting point changed the entire perspective of how the solo was played and ultimately, it fit the song much better. That, my friends, is why you have a TEAM behind you and don’t just rely on your own ears! As always, Erik Johnson brought some spice to the backing vocals, most notably in the pre-chorus that just gives it a bit more “build-up.”

In closing, we thought the song was upbeat, positive, and a great way to lead off Mach II. When you check out the music video, you’ll notice the tribute to our service men and women. Even before the pandemic, the band intended on promoting the Wounded Warrior Project. As such, we’re giving 50% of our shop’s net proceeds from 3/17 to 4/30 to that charity. If you find it in your heart to order from us, know that some of your hard-earned money will be going to a great cause.

Peace and love, peeps. Stay safe.


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