Behind the Song: Wasted Time

Hey everybody, I hope your Monday is treating you well. For many of us, it’s yet another week of “Stay the F$%K at home!” I hope all are staying safe and coping, especially under the sad set of circumstances we’ve been dealt. Strangely, it kind of segues into this week’s “Behind the Song” segment, as next up is “Wasted Time.”

This song is another one of those tunes that just stuck in my head for a long, long time-maybe since around Y2K. Musically, this is flat-out all about the groove. There are a few songs on this album where the rhythm section just out owns the tune and this is one of them. It’s all vibe between The Boston Bassman and Mr. Zampa and there’s just the right amount of spice coming from Tony’s keyboard swells in the verses. The influences in this song are much more pop rock based than many others on the CD, believe it or not, though the Ozzy influences likely shine through, as well.

Roy’s vocals ease into the song, as the first verse tells us, “The day’s on the rise.” If you haven’t guessed, the song is about the cycle of life and how we live it. We start out as wide eyed children, believing we can do ANYTHING and for the most part, I feel that’s an honest assessment. The only limitations we have are the ones we set for ourselves. That’s why the middle verse might ring true for most of us. It’s about middle age. This is a time when most of us are reflecting and asking, “Am I living my best life? Am I doing all I can to fulfill those dreams of my youth or am I just spinning in place?” The heart still yearns, the soul still burns...evening has come. After the solo (which you’ll know I scaled way back if you’ve seen the Facebook

video of the original!), we come to “the end.” Hoping we’ve lived a worthwhile life, we walk to the light.

And while the words might be simple, the chorus of Wasted Time delivers an important message-one that especially holds true in these trying times. Live life like there’s no tomorrow, as tomorrow is never promised. Chase your dreams, embrace the ones you love, and move past your doubts and fears to be the greatest version of you. I think we all want to do that but sometimes, we need a little reminder. We wish you well on your journey, peeps.


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