Behind the Song "I Cry"

Happy Quarantine (again), peeps! Hope your time at home is being well spent. One can only imagine the effects the extended cabin fever is having on some! Hopefully, the Stay at Home orders won’t last too much longer. And yes, this week’s version of Behind the Song is late but that’s because there’s a newly released lyric video to go along with it! So, up next is the song, “I Cry.” For me, this song was truly a pleasure to write because it’s about one of the true loves of my life, playing guitar. Yes, our man Roy believed this song to be about “a lady,” hence some of those lyrics he rewrote in the song! Ultimately, they made the song a bit more magical and it just sounded really cool. And yes, we did use one of my ladies in the video (my custom Halo Marilyn Monroe Explorer), so it totally fit. Speaking of the video, the band just thought it appropriate to have Marilyn share the spotlight with some of the amazing, beautiful Hollywood starlets of the silver screen’s Golden Age. We hope you enjoy it. The concept of the song has been around for a while but wasn’t until the last couple of years that tracks were actually laid down in the studio. The final version of the lyrics were formed in 2018-2019, as well. The concept was the same as Bryan Adams’ song, Run to You, which is the inspiration behind the lyrics. For me, there are times that there is no greater feeling than when a guitar is in my hands. Playing gives me the ability to create and to cut loose from the ordinary world, filled with its everyday problems and struggles.

Musically, this song really runs the gamut and you can truly hear the artistic freedom given to all members of the band on this one. Jason’s bass really just holds the song down on this one. When a guy has as much ability as he does, his touch of knowing just what to play and when to “go big” is an invaluable asset. BJ’s drumming on this one is spectacular, especially with the fills, post solo, in the bridge. Tony was unsure of what key sound to open with and after a quick discussion, we landed on “talkbox.” From the opening keyboard notes, this song just lets you know it’s going places. Here’s one of the tunes where I was going more for feel on the solo rather than shred and I hope that shows. Roy? He just swings in and gives the song that sexy feel that, again, can be interpreted as a man’s love and desire for a woman. The ending note that leads into the outro guitar solo is nothing short of spectacular.

So there it is, folks, “I Cry.” Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for the video, as well.

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