Manamal's Misti Dawn Chats with Mike FlorosMike Floros of Steel City
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What the Fans Are Saying!

​These guys can deliver as well live as they can in the studio. I was lucky enough to catch their first live performance. They played and sounded great!! Fortress is easily in my top 3 discs for 2018.

by Mark Jacoby (fan) 20Aug2018


If you like some good time way cool '80's style rock you gotta check out Steel City!! Mike's guitar, Roy's vocals, and that rhythm section!

by  Richard Rhoades (fan) 16Aug2018

This is the perfect union of crunchy, arena guitars and spellbinding powerhouse vocals-all combined with a wall of HUGE Harmonies which are meant to be showcased on stages everywhere.  Featuring Mike Floros on Guitars,  Roy Cathey on Lead Vocals, Jason Cornwell on Bass, and BJ Zampa on Drums, these musicians come together to form the mighty STEELCITY.